The Code to Elite Performance for Leaders in the 21st Century


To successfully elevate your impact, you need to be intentional about your leadership.

This means being crystal clear on:

  • Who you want to be as a leader.

  • Where you want to take your leadership team/organisation.

  • How you will use psychology and emotional intelligence behaviours to increase your visibility and impact.

  • How you will sustain your leadership energy, despite challenges.

  • How you will optimise your leadership team's performance and effectiveness.

  • How you will enroll and engage others to help you.

  • How you will align your organization's resources to accelerate your transformation journey.

Our in-house and open events are for all levels of leaders and are tailored to your team requirements.

Our Leadership Retreats are 3.5 day events for up to 12 delegates

and ALL of our interventions are focused on transforming leadership behaviours, self awareness and overall career satisfaction.

What do I get when I attend an event?

  • Time to focus and prepare yourself to lead transformation effectively in a supportive confidential environment.

  • Exclusive opportunity to test your thinking with and learn from other executive leaders preparing to transform their approach.

  • Challenges and insights from expert facilitators with deep expertise in elite and powerfully aligned leadership.

  • Guided reflection to help you create your personal leadership and organisational/team vision.

  • Reconnection with your leadership strengths and how to leverage them.
  • New insights and awareness of the challenges you face and what you can do do influence key stakeholders.

  • Be able to anticipate psychological barriers and accelerators of change.

  • Tools/techniques to renew/maintain your energy and resilience whilst you lead transformation.

  • Clearer understanding how our exclusive code will change your daily experiences, increase your motivation and re-energise you to reach your potential.

  • Renewed energy and inspiration for accelerating your impact.

Exacerbated by the pandemic, we have seen a rise in leaders and executives experiencing:

We know there are so many that could be added to the list of common challenges for successful people.

One the biggest pressures we see is actually ‘dealing with success’.

Who would have thought that would ever be a problem? It almost feels ridiculous when its something you have aimed for over many years...and now you have it, it's not what you expected and the pressure to deliver is real!

This, alongside imposter syndrome, feeling unfulfilled and having misaligned values.

Unfortunately, these things cause so many other issues too. Some of the 'symptoms' are:

... reacting instead of responding to certain situations

... being irritated at things that would never have bothered you before

... unable to switch off and disconnect from work

... always chasing the next milestone

... feeling exhausted, missing the energy you used to have

... tossing and turning in bed, unable to get a decent rest

... worrying that you may be losing your edge

​... struggling to make decisions that you usually find easy

Exducis enables you to tackle the issues that affect you....

Who Exducis is for...

Emerging Leaders, Senior Leaders through to Executive/CEO level.

Traditionally we delivered transformational change to our corporate clients on a one to one and small team basis but what we discovered through developing our unique approach, is that we have an increased and more significant impact on the most successful people on this planet through delivery of our content at a ‘Mastermind’ level. That is- we deliver our solution to the best of the best, in a group environment that utilises the wealth and breadth of knowledge in the room to maximise the impact of the learning.

Imagine how powerful that environment would be for you.

Totally focused on YOU.

It’s designed to have you thrive at that next level! No resistance, no judgement, just elevation of thinking and impact.

Exducis and its conception is borne from the desire to positively impact as many highly successful professionals, the world over, and to encourage the most powerful support network ever.

THRIVE No matter what the ​WORLD throws at you

​​​Build the mindset, routines and emotional muscle that ​enable you to stay composed and ​on top of your mental game throughout the ups and downs.

Bounce Back Stronger From Challenges and Setbacks

​​Anticipate change and be ready to get back on your feet ​quickly when things don't turn out the way you wanted.​ ​​Adopt a mindset that allows you to positively respond to challenges, recover from failures and actively seek out opportunities to grow while staying mentally healthy.

Focus and Enjoy What Matters Most

Develop the confidence and build a resilience toolkit that ​enables you to ​overcome challenges, while you pursue your most ambitious personal and professional goals. ​Cultivate connection and trust ​in your relationships ​so that you are able​ to give and receive support when ​needed.

​​Anticipate change and be ready to get back on your feet ​quickly when things don't turn out the way you wanted.​ ​​Adopt a mindset that allows you to positively respond to challenges, recover from failures and actively seek out opportunities to grow while staying mentally healthy.

Exducis is structured into seven 'codex' systems that add up to the overall Exducis Code.

Underpinning the code is:

  • The Neuroscience of change, agility and resilience

  • The Neuroscience of trust, engagement and human performance

  • Gaining a deeper awareness of emotions and existing patterns of thinking that hold us back at a subconscious level

  • Assessment of Leadership EQ and the detailed, bespoke feedback everyone needs to elevate their effectiveness

  • Building a toolkit of simple, science-based techniques and routines to increase resilience, become more adaptable to change, stay composed under pressure and bounce back from the challenges of leadership

And so much more!

We absorb into these fundamental concepts whilst you engage in solutions and actions to leverage your greatest potential.

The code builds.....and once you have have EVERYTHING you will ever need to reach your maximum human potential as a leader AND an all-round fab human being!

Meet Phil Kelly

I love nothing more than working with driven, highly professional and successful people. Whether that be Business Executives, Olympic Champions or Fast Jet Pilots, helping them be better and achieve more motivates me. With over 20 years of experience of working at the Elite level of performance, I know what good looks like. Developing the right MIndset is key to making the right decisions at the right time, especially those big strategic decisions. In an increasingly frantic and busy world, I bring clarity of purpose and thought to my clients, empowering them to take back control and achieve their goals.

Having worked in time and pressure sensitive arenas, I bring a calm and assured approach to my coaching which is regularly commented on by the Executives I Coach. Leaning on my vast experience I fully understand that the moments we share are about you, not me and I will do all I can to ensure that you leave with clarity, motivation and purpose, the very things we lose in this modern world.

Meet Jane V

As a Registered Psychologist and Multiple Award-Winning Executive Coach, I show CEO’s, executives and leadership teams how to finally enhance their fusion by learning how to truly connect and listen. That is not listening in the 'mainstream', traditional way but listening to connect, to engage and to really understand.

I help you to expertly meet your team where they are currently and to lead them to the next level. We will do this by reducing resistance, dissolving defensiveness, and creating a clarity of purpose and interaction, that you may not even realise is possible.

I help people to utilise their own Emotional Intelligence, using high impact, evidenced based coaching models and a wide range of techniques from Neuroscience and Positive Psychology. Leveraging science-based diagnostics and psychometric assessments that heighten human awareness…I enable you and your team to get the ultimate competitive edge through the authentic listening and engagement that you would expect from an expert in human behavior.

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